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When it’s Come to the best Cab in durham

    • Pick up locations MUST be from operating commercial establishments (e.g.; bars/public events, restaurants, theaters,  DUKE buildings and facilities.) within the zone map area pictured above.
    • Pick up locations DO NOT include private parties, commercial establishments that are no longer in business, residence-to-residence, commercial-to-commercial, or residence-to-commercial locations.
    • Drop-off locations MUST be to residential areas within the zone map pictured below, with a maximum of 2 residential stops in the same direction per trip.

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  • No shopping trips or drive thru stops are permitted.
  • Drop-offs made outside the defined area are made at the drivers discretion.
  • Additional cost will be the responsibility of the student, and negotiated up-front.
  • 4 passengers MAXIMUM for sedan taxis or wheelchair vans, and 6 for regular van taxis.
  • Students MUST show a valid DUKE Student ID at the beginning of the trip to qualify for the Horus Taxi LLC Cab program.
    • Only (1) DUKE Student ID can be used per trip.
    • If a Yellow Cab voucher is used for the Horus Taxi LLC CAB program (because the ID card will not swipe), it MUST include both the last five (5) numbers of the DUKE Student ID and mileage.
    • Decision to accept defective ID card is up to driver.
    • Students MUST print and sign their name on the Yellow Cab voucher (if a voucher is used when ID will not swipe)
    • Students are responsible for paying the driver a $5.00 fare for the trip
    • Trips between the Horus Taxi LLC Cab service area below and the airport are available anytime at discounted rate of $15 payable by student. Use Account H-6644 when ordering trip Booking from.
    • 919-637-8833. Do not swipe DUKE ID card for airport trips

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