For all of our customer awareness and Saftey matters, there is a driver from our company driving #20 his name is “Ehab Mohamed Akasha“>>> [ Ehab M. Akasha = aka: Eihab M. Akasha, Eihab A. Ali, Eihab M. Akasha-ali >>> Aged 52 >>> Durham, NC >>> Raleigh, NC >>> Cynthia Akasha ], he haven’t comply to the company terms and condition also he is not working with the company any more due to his Insaine behavioral problems with the customers &a other drivers.

Ehab MOhamed Akasha Criminal History







Dear loyal customer we are the Horus taxi LLC wants to make sure every one safe please stay away from this person he pretend to be a taxi driver in our company
He is no longer works with our taxi firm.
Please be safe and be aware.

Horus taxi LLC hiring office Management