Ticket system

2 thoughts on “Ticket system

  1. Karen Burns says:

    1. Now that I have an online account., I need a receipt for the $25 silver membership purchase. Can that be emailed to me?
    2. How can Mr. Fox request a cab now that we have an account? Does he just call the main number and give my name? Thanks!

    • horustaxi says:

      Hello there And thank you for taking the time to write us a support request regards you’re silver membership

      Here is the receipt
      2018-01-26 00:07:52
      amount : 25
      currency : USD
      level : 1
      item_name : Silver User 0.70Cents/mile
      customer : cus_CCkFGVL0tr8cxZ
      subscription : sub_CCkFW0QKteNmxU
      message : success

      and we hope to serve you soon
      Horus Taxi LLC

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