Horus Taxi Rates

Multiple passengers ride for the price of one! And just a heads up, drivers only carry $15.00 in change singles. The good news? We gladly accept all major credit cards[visa,master card,american express,etc]; just notify your driver at the beginning of your trip and we will take it, and you, from there!

  • $3.60 flag drop (first 1/8 mile)
  • $0.25 each additional 1/8 mile or part (2.00 per mile)
  • $0.25 for each 60 seconds of waiting time. ($15/hour wait)

Please know that our rates are regulated by the City of Durham, meaning they are the same as other local taxi companies.
We would hate for you to spend your time searching for cheaper rates or worse, get Fooled by illegitimate cabs or vehicles that offer different rates. We can assure you they are not inspected or certified by the City Inspector, or have the required insurance coverage.
Plus, rates aside, our service CANNOT BE BEAT – See for yourself and use a coupon!

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