Lost & Found

Lost & Found Service Online

Have you Remembered? We are not responsible for personal items left in vehicles. please double check to see that you have you’re wallet,camera,and other personal items

Summer is upon us in full swing, and that means more going out, more doing, more living. Inevitably, with all that moving around you are bound to lose something here or there (I lose sunglasses all the time).

So to help where we can, Horus Taxi LLC has opened up a lost & found service . You can take a look here. All it requires you with as much information as possible, and we’ll go from there.

To help prevent losses of personal items, we always want to remind everybody to check for all personal belongings before exiting one of our taxi cabs. We’re even putting a nice little sticker on the inside of each cab as a reminder.

Generally, we will hold items at the main office until somebody claims them, but we must remind everyone that Horus Taxi LLC is not responsible for your items! You are! So please, let’s work together to keep everything rolling smoothly!