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We Are Located in the heart of the Triangle Area And Middle Side Of Durham County And Downtown Loop We Close By Hwy70 East Side And Hwy98 Toward Hwy Wake forest We Offer The Services Of Taxi In The Top And Unbeatable Prices To Every One With No Expectation Prices It’s Handleable And Accurate With Discounts The Fare Are Similar To Be Economic And We Do No Matter What To Make This Special Arrive To Your Door With No Any Sort Of Hassling Or Gambling Of Your Time Allow Us To Serve You And Put You In Our Top Priority in Great And Best Services-EDIT BY Benjamin .

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We Are Small Taxi Cab Company That Offer The Services That You NEed To Transport Your Daily Transportation And Trips Needs Without Delaying in Any Manor We Are Serving Everybody 24 hours 7 Days A Week

Horus Taxi Ideas Of Helping The Durham Community Transporting In Fair Fare!

many students do not have their own cars, but students often need to get to places that aren’t accessible by public transportation. They may also be traveling at night when they feel that walking is unsafe. A Durham taxi service may also be the best option in the rain or other bad weather. Certainly there are times when taxis are simply the most efficient or comfortable way to travel. Several college websites recommend that students keep the number for a taxi service in their cell phone in case of emergency.

Another time students need taxis is when they are going to the airport. Even if public transportation is available, using it with all of your luggage can be a hassle. Our Horus taxi cab co. its taxi company Passed On reliable, explains Benjamin. You can call the Horus taxi service ahead of time to arrange for your pickup and they will make sure you get to the airport on time.

College students are well known for their partying ways. When you’ve been drinking, that’s a particularly good time to call for our Horus taxi cab co. L,L,C Students are sometimes hesitant to call a cab because of monetary concerns, but groups of students can split the fare. Our rates are very reasonable and competitive compared to other area taxi companies.

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We Are Small Taxi Cab Company That Offer The Services That You NEed To Transport Your Daily Transportation And Trips Needs Without Delaying in Any Manor We Are Serving Everybody 24 hours 7 Days A Week

16 Reasons To Ride Horus taxi The Green eye of blue…?..?

1.PROMPT AND RELIABLE SERVICE A taxi company’s fleet size is key for providing reliable & timely taxi service. We are over twice as equipped as our closest competitor. There is no company in the Tri-Valley that can efficiently provide taxi service throughout the area like we do.

2.INSURANCE FOR EVERYONE All our taxis are insured by a policy with limits far exceeding the acceptable standards. Unlike many other taxi companies, you will never run the risk of riding in an uninsured cab. When you ride with other taxi companies, some have drivers obtain their own auto insurance, leaving the passenger’s at great risk if the driver is under-insured, or not insured at all.

3.LICENSED IN YOUR CITY Serving such a wide community, Neighborhoods, Horus taxi Cab is the only cab company licensed for operation in all 4 cities of the Durham, Chapel hill, Cary, Morrisville . City of Chapel Hill: Horus Taxi Services in Chapel hill, NC-100 Franklin Street, Chapel hill, NC City of Durham: Horus Taxi Services in Durham, NC-808 Exum Street, Durham, NC 27701 Near -Downtown Durham | tobacco most nights club. City of Durham: Horus Taxi Services in Durham, NC -518 N Hardee Street, Durham, NC 27703 City of Cary: Horus Taxi Services in Cary, NC City of Morrisville: Horus Taxi Services in Morrisville, NC City of Durham: Horus Taxi Services in Durham, NC

4.UNMATCHABLE AIRPORT PICKUP RATES Hailing a cab from RDU International Airport anywhere into the Durham will cost you in the upwards of $ 45.00. And a taxi from the RDU international Airport to Duke Will Cost you in the upwards of $45 Student ,But With us its only $32 – $28 you will be saving money, while receiving top-quality service. Read More

5.PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS Our drivers are the Durham’s professionals. We require our drivers to meet qualifications that other companies simply don’t require, a great advantage for riding with us. Drivers must: 1. Speak clear English 2. Must be at least 25-years of age 3. Have at least 2 years of driving experience 4. Have a valid NC driver’s license 5. Have less than two moving violations and no DUIs 6. Receive a criminal background check and drug test When you ride with us, you know you will be in good hands. Want to Drive? We are always looking for more professional drivers. Job Opportunities

6.FUEL EFFICIENT VEHICLES Horus taxi Cab is the Durham’s first taxi company to put a hybrid taxi on the road. There are no regulations on clean air/hybrid/electric taxis in the Durham, but we decided to go green and protect our environment. We now have more hybrids on the roads then ALL the Durham fleets COMBINED. If you want to join the fight and help protect our environment, choose Horus taxi . We have made a future goal to change our ENTIRE fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles and make our carbon footprint as small as possible.

7.TECHNOLOGY INVESTED CALL CENTER Well-staffed and well-trained, our dispatchers use the latest technology to serve you. With at least 3 dispatchers available at any given time quality assurance is guaranteed. We monitor by randomly recording calls and making hold times shorter. We have have invested in phone technology and data technology so that through our website we now honor reservations online and reservations from text. Not near a desktop computer? No worries. With our new and improved mobile website, you can reserve your cab from your smart phone. Want to work as a dispatcher? We are always looking for professional customer service representatives.

8.IN-VEHICLE Credit CARD APPROVAL We now accept credit card payments in all our newer vehicles so that you can feel more confident when you pay by credit card. You do not have to worry about a driver calling with your card information to get approval from a dispatcher. Just swipe and sign and you are all set. Just another technology upgrade that differentiates us from out competitors!

9.EXPERIENCE Our company has over 10 years of experience serving the Wake And Durham Counties. Our average driver has worked with our organization for 6 years. Simply put, no other taxi company in the area matches our experience on any level.

10.MINIVAN, SEDAN & WHEELCHAIR TAXICABS (Horus Taxi) We also have more minivans than all other taxi companies in the Durham medicine Duke combined! Minivans make up a sizable portion of our fleet because they allow for a more comfortable ride for our valued customers. Up to six can ride for the price of one. We also have many sedans available to service you. Moreover, with our new wheelchair accessible taxicabs, we do our best to accommodate our disabled passengers and meet their needs. If you have a vehicle-type preference, simply make your request at the time you place your order. by Calling 919.637.8833

11.MAINTENANCE BOTH INSIDE AND OUT average taxi puts about 60,000 miles-per-year. That requires regular service to keep the cars running in safe conditions. With maintenance services provided every 3000 to 4000 miles and car inspections annually, we make sure your taxi ride is smooth. But that is not all, we also make sure our drivers keep their cabs clean inside and out on a regular basis.

12.SPECIALIZED SERVICES In addition to providing common door-to-door service, we also provide many specialized services including wheelchair transportation, type III (school) transportation, non-emergency medical transportation, package delivery, corporate account service, airport service, Secure Ride, and event support.

13.TODDLER & INFANTS CAN RIDE Horus taxi Cab is the only fleet that provides our customers with car seats. Just tell the dispatcher or note in your reservation that you require a car with a car seat and we will do our best to get you one of those cabs ASAP. However, we do ask you to allow an extra 10-20 minutes for your taxi to arrive in order to accommodate you.

14.SATISFACTION IS OUR MISSION We rely on your feedback to make our services better. We try to provide the utmost service to our customers, but as with all companies, unexpected issues do come up from time to time which may prevent us from achieving our goal of giving you high quality service. We would love to hear what you have say! Complaints are handled in the order they are received and resolved in the best manner possible. Submit your query on our Testimonials page or shoot us an Email.

15.LOST & FOUND DEPARTMENT Lost something? Call our Lost & Found department directly at 919.637.8833 for help locating your lost or missing item. We will make every effort to locate your cab to retrieve your belongings.

16.We understand every ones situation is unique To let us know about your development needs. Accordingly, the “next step” is for you to contact us.919.637.8833 We are here to answer any questions you may have or provide you with a free Taxi quote. – just Give Us One Call To Get your Answers In Most Common Questions,”Great Way to Prevent the Rights to All It is to promote thee Others By Greatness” Horus taxi CEO Benjamin issa

We Are Small Taxi Cab Company That Offer The Services That You NEed To Transport Your Daily Transportation And Trips Needs Without Delaying in Any Manor We Are Serving Everybody 24 hours 7 Days A Week